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Have a better vegetable garden!

Learn how to grow your own food more successfully with our free vegetable gardening workshop. John Moulton, owner of Moulton Farm, will lead the workshop. Due to the popularity of John's past workshops, the workshop is being offered twice. The same content will be presented at 10 am on Saturday, April 1, and again at 10 am on Saturday, April 15. Pre-registration is required. (See details below.)

“Like so many other things, growing food is a skill,” says John, who has been growing vegetables for over fifty years. “In our farm market and garden center last year, we had many questions from people who were relatively new to vegetable gardening. We also had questions from more experienced vegetable gardeners challenged by how our weather affected their plants.”

“Many of the problems people were asking about could have been lessened or avoided by doing things differently when their vegetable plants were still young, or even before they planted their gardens or raised beds,” explains John. “Getting plants off to a healthy start is the first step in getting good harvests and avoiding problems later on.”

Our workshop will also address how to handle common issues that can come up later in the season. Tips on what to do in the fall to prepare for the following year’s growing season will also be shared.

The workshop is free and intended for both new and experienced vegetable gardeners who want to grow food in vegetable gardens, raised beds, or container gardens. You must pre-register for the workshop as space is limited. Register by clicking here, visiting our farm market, or calling us at 603-279-3915.


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