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salad from farm food truck

Farm Food Truck

Enjoy seasonally inspired food
our food truck
"Moulton's Hay Wagon"

Moulton's Hay Wagon, located behind our farm market, is open for the season.

Wednesday to Saturday:

10 to 3
9 to 3

Every Sunday, in addition to our seasonally inspired menu featuring food from our farm, we have brunch specials for you all day.

farm market fall ornamental corn canned items reduced.jpg

Shop in our farm market


Visit our farm market for more food made in

our farm kitchen and bakery

as well as

fresh produce from our fields.

You'll also find snacks, cheeses, meats,

craft beers, wine, and other beverages from other small businesses and farms

 we partner with.

Thursday through Saturday,

buy fresh fish and seafood

from Sal's Fresh Seafood in our farm market.

Pick-up catering

Let our farm kitchen and bakery team make providing food at your next gathering, event, or meeting easy!


We can make:
Appetizer platters

Charcuterie platters
Sandwich platters


Cookie platters

buffet with catering by Moulton Farm

So When Are You Coming?

We're open 7 days a week, so come see us!

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