Our 2018 corn maze is now open!

Even though our farm bakery team makes fabulous birthday cakes, we thought our town's 250th birthday deserved something really big. So Wes, a member of our farm team and our devious corn maze master, designed our corn maze this year to celebrate Meredith’s birthday in a big way.

Our corn maze is larger than ever this year as we added an additional 22,000 square feet. Not only is this year's maze larger, but it is also taller. The field corn we planted must have liked all those hot days we had this summer.

Be sure to take a good look what the maze looks like from the air before you go in. Wes, who designed the maze, still got lost when he forgot to take his secret map with him! 

See how we make our maze.

Our 2018 admission costs are $7 per person with a special $5 rate for each child between 6 years and 3 years of age. Children under 3 years old are free. 

Our corn maze opens at 8 am and the last admission to our maze is one hour before the farm closes.

Come get lost...and find lots of other fun things happening at the farm!