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Congratulations, Kali!

Congratulations to Kali on her recent promotion to supervisor of our farm kitchen!

Kali L'Heureux has been promoted to supervisor of the farm kitchen at Moulton Farm

Kali L’Heureux has been working in our farm kitchen since the summer of 2017 when she graduated from Johnson & Wales University with a bachelor's degree in nutrition and food science. 

Kali’s journey to working in the lakes region was an accident.  "I was a senior in college, and I was looking online for jobs. I actually clicked on some random restaurant job, and they linked to the Moulton Farm website.  I'd been coming to the lakes region since middle school, and my parents were now living there, so I looked at the farm.  I thought the farm was doing some neat things, so I sent an email to Jeff to see if they were hiring."

Jeff Mills, general manager of our farm, says, "That was a lucky day for us.  We were fortunate to have Jonathan leading our farm kitchen team, and adding Kali to the team allowed us to expand and build on that.  Since then, we've grown our team and increased the range of foods we are making and offering in our farm market.  With Kali's promotion, Jonathan can now focus on running our food truck, Moulton's Hay Wagon."

Kali's love of cooking started at an early age.  "I always loved cooking with my grandmother and my mom.  I'd play around at home, making dinner every once in a while or baking cookies or something."  

She didn't anticipate making cooking a career until high school.  "I had a friend that was really into cooking and she was going to college for it. I was like, 'Wow, that sounds cool.'  I looked around and ended up going to Johnson & Wales." 

Although her new position involves the day to day running of our farm kitchen, it still allows Kali to do what she loves: cooking with the vegetables we grow on our farm.   "It's just so awesome that we get to use our freshly picked vegetables.  In a lot of places, you know you're working with things that were picked days ago or longer. Here, the vegetables were often picked just a few minutes or hours ago. That quality makes a difference."

What's the other thing she loves about working at the farm? "The atmosphere here.  The people here are all super nice, easy to get along with, and easy to work with. John Moulton is the sweetest person you'll ever meet. Yeah. It's really just an awesome place to work."


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