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An update from John Moulton

Our farm is fortunate to have many loyal supporters who frequently ask how things are going or what is new. Many of our new customers, some of them having recently moved to the lakes region, are also curious about how we grow your food.

So here's my first update of the year: We are fast approaching the summer growing season. Certainly, with the deep freeze in May, combined with a few days of high heat and wind, followed by all the recent cloudiness, our crops (and the farmer) are really being challenged!

That said, because of our extensive use of greenhouses, high tunnels, and row covers, we have been harvesting tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, cucumbers, greens, assorted herbs, and more. This does not come without a cost, as growing food in New England's environment is demanding.

To learn more about how we're growing your food and see some of the techniques we are using, join me for our free "Meet the Farmer" event at 5 pm on Tuesday, June 20. Besides getting updates from me and having the opportunity to ask questions, the event includes a free guided wagon tour around our farm. (For information on this and other events at our farm, visit our events page.)

Our planting work is continuing and really does not end until well into summer. This allows us to harvest produce as late into fall as frost and freeze temperatures allow. Our greenhouses and high tunnels will help us grow food for you until we close for winter break on December 31.

Besides all the work in our fields, a lot has been happening in other areas of our farm. Our garden center has been busier than ever this spring. As we transition into summer, we continue to have perennials, flowering shrubs, and fruit trees for your gardens and yards. Our farm kitchen and farm bakery team have also been very busy cooking and baking for you and working on some new things that you'll be hearing about in the coming weeks. Our "quiche of the week" has been popular, and several of you have told me it makes your meals easier.

With a great team in all areas of our business, and if we can catch a break from the weather, our farm will have a good year. We all look forward to seeing you this season!


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