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Why is ice cream the theme of our 2023 corn maze?

The theme for our 21st annual corn maze was inspired by our farm's history and something we started this year with the launch of our ice cream stand and food truck launch earlier this year.

"The idea for the ice cream theme from a farm team meeting came during which we ate a fair amount of our ice cream," admits John Moulton with a laugh. "But it, like our ice cream, ties into my family's history of running this farm."

Corn maze design with ice cream cones, ice cream scoops, and dishes of ice cream cut from the corn that makes up the 2023 maze at Moulton Farm.

John's family has farmed at the Meredith location for over 130 years. His father ran it as a dairy farm for years. "I think my father would be pleased that our ice cream benefits our farm as well as another small business started by a fourth generation farmer and a family run dairy farm that supplies the milk for our ice cream."

As for the corn maze’s ice cream cone design, we're not giving any clues about the solution for getting through the maze or the ice cream trivia game that is part of the corn maze.

"Let's just say ice cream isn't the only thing that will make your brain freeze!" jokes Wes Thomas, who has been working at the farm since he was 14 and designing their mazes since 2007. "It's a sweet design sure to get you turned around."

Man standing in corn maze with corn at least 3 feet above his head
Wes, who designs our corn maze, is over 6 feet tall, but the corn that makes up our maze towers above him.


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