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Moulton Farm ice cream is in our farm market and food truck!

We're kicking off summer with something new: Moulton Farm ice cream!

Jeff Mills of Moulton Farm holding a container of Moulton Farm ice cream in the farm's market

“We’ve wanted to offer our own ice cream for a while,” says Jeff, general manager of our farm. “We’ve got our farm bakery, our farm kitchen, and our farm market, so it’s a natural fit for us. It was finding a way to do it that took longer than we planned, but we’re very happy that our solution benefits our farm as well as another small business started by a fourth-generation farmer. It also benefits a family run dairy farm that supplies the milk for the ice cream.” That’s a solution that John Moulton really likes. “John’s father ran this farm as a dairy farm for years, and we know how hard that can be,” explains Jeff. “So we’re thrilled that our collaboration can help keep another family dairy farm going.”

Moulton Farm ice cream is available as scoops at our food truck and in quart containers in our farm market in both classic flavors as well as some more unusual ones. “We bake apple pies in our farm bakery, so of course, we had to have ‘apple pie ice cream’ as one of our flavors,” jokes Jeff. The flavors will vary through the season.

Current ice cream flavors include:

Apple Pie Black Raspberry Chocolate Chocolate Chip Coffee Coffee Oreo Cookie Dough French Vanilla Mint Chip Peppermint stick Strawberry


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