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Yes, spring is here...really!

Our field crew is still waiting for consistently cooperative weather. Some sunny and warm breaks have allowed us to remove the straw mulch over our three acres of strawberry beds, and the plants are looking healthy. They are showing a few signs of winter injury, but with a bit of side dressing of nutrient, they will soon show good growth.

In our hydroponic greenhouse, the plants are growing well. We continue to pick our Moulton's salad mix and fresh herbs for you to enjoy. The tomatoes planted in our "tomato house" continue to do well in their controlled growing environment.

This week we are excited to be working in our fields to prepare for our earliest crop of peas and corn. They say April showers bring on May flowers, and we are sure looking forward to that!

Speaking of flowers, many of us have been working in our garden center to get it ready for the upcoming plant season. We have some early season annuals and perennials waiting for you, with more arriving daily from our local growing partners. We have a more extensive, complete line of organic fertilizers, soils, and amendments ready for your lawn or garden. An extensive inventory of fruit trees, hydrangeas, and shrubs that are just coming out

of dormancy and waiting for you.

We're also getting ready to kick off our 2022 event season with John's workshop this coming Saturday, April 23, at 10 am. His extensive experience of growing in New Hampshire can help you have a better garden this year. Join us for this free event.

Our Spring Open House on April 30th is shaping up to be a great event. We have a greenhouse and hydroponics tour at 9 am. You'll also be able to see some of the exciting new plants in our garden center. Experts from UNH Cooperative Extension and Coast of Maine Organic Soils will be on hand to answer any gardening or soil questions that you have.

For food lovers, from 10 am until 2 pm, we have more than 12 small businesses we partner with at the farm. You will be able to sample pasta, cheeses, wine, beer, yogurt, gelato, chocolate, farm jam and pickles, freshly squeezed orange juice, also some special barbecue sauces. Our farm kitchen team continues to develop some tasty new products that they will showcase at the open house, including beef stew, meat rolls, and soba noodle salad. Our creative farm bakery team will showcase new blondie brownies, granolas, and protein muffins.

On Sunday, May 1, starting around 10 am, stop by the farm to watch a horse-drawn plowing demonstration. Teams of horses will be turning over our soils just like they used to before tractors. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate as it is sure fun to watch!

Spring on over to our farm and enjoy all the season offer!


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