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We're open for our 2023 season!

How good it felt this morning to put the open sign out and start welcoming people back to our farm. This morning hearing comments from many of you about how you missed us really made me and the rest of the team smile. We missed you as well!

Some of you have asked what we have been doing since we closed for winter. We all got to take a little time for some needed rest and relaxation. A few of us went away to where it was sunny and warm. Some of us had really long "Honey Do" lists to tackle. A couple of us just hibernated!

But most importantly to the farm, there was time to assess 2022 and start planning for our 2023 season. The past eight weeks were filled with planning meetings, fixing equipment, cleaning, tuning the hydroponics system, planting in our greenhouses and tomato house, and taking care of the winter harvest of the white stuff. If you're anything like me, you are as ready to be done with snow as I am. (Wes says he's sick of plowing snow and can't wait to return to plowing in our fields.)

During the past two weeks cooking soups, preparing our frozen meals, and rolling out dough have been daily tasks in our farm kitchen and bakery. Meat pies and empanadas were made and placed in our freezer for our first customers of the season. This morning it was great to hear our bakery team laughing as they baked breads, pies, cookies, and muffins. The aromas that filled the air of our farm market in the past few days have been wonderful.

Come in to see us soon. We are excited to be open again and look forward to welcoming you back!


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