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Meet one of our farm kitchen team: Kate

You may not have seen Kate at the farm, but if you shop in our farm market, you probably have enjoyed some of the items she makes in our farm kitchen.

Kate originally started in our garden center three years ago, but that only lasted a short time as soon as we found out how good a cook we had on our team! "I've always loved cooking. I started helping my mom in the kitchen when I was quite young," she remembers with a smile. "It grew from there to a love of feeding friends and family. When I became an "empty nester," I had to find other people to cook for, so I am delighted to be at the farm!"

If you ask her what she enjoys about food, she will respond with enthusiasm. "Food can nourish and comfort you. Sometimes it's something as simple as combining the right raw vegetables with a light dressing, or perhaps steaming or sauteing a vegetable and only adding a bit of oil, butter, or salt. Or, sometimes it's making something more complex and letting the combination of flavors come through."

This philosophy shows in so many of the dishes Kate makes for our farm market including salads, quiches, soups, and chili. It also comes through in the fresh spring wraps and the galettes she makes, that combine a light pastry with vegetables and cheese. "It's about finding the best ways to celebrate the flavor of the ingredients."

Besides having many people to cook for and ingredients from our fields to inspire her, what brings Kate back to the farm and our farm kitchen?

She's doesn't hesitate to answer, "The people! The teamwork, the fun, the comradery...both in the kitchen and with the other people who work at the farm. Kitchens can be hot and challenging places to work in, but here it's different. People help each other and take care of each other. It's truly a family...we may not be related, but here at the farm, it feels like family."


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