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Meet Ann: Our Cake Decorator

Ann Marie, who also answers to "Ann" at the farm, has been part of our farm bakery team for three summers now. She originally came to the farm bakery after learning about it from another team member. "Trish got me to come work at the farm and I really enjoyed it and learning from her."

Cake baking and decorating started for Ann Marie long before she came to the farm. "I used to make and decorate cakes with my sister and my grandmother when I was little," she remembers with a smile and a laugh. "I enjoyed it and just kept on teaching myself how to do more. I love playing with colors and textures so I keep learning and experimenting." Now she's creating custom decorated cakes for people as part of the pick up catering menu our farm kitchen and bakery team offers to help make your gatherings and celebrations easy and delicious.

Like any artist, Ann Marie finds it hard to choose which of her cakes she's liked the most. "That's really hard! I like each one I do. Just recently I was asked to include a fish and a puppy on birthday cake for a child. That was a lot of fun to do, so I'll choose that one...for now. My favorite may end up being the next cake I decorate!"

What's the part of her job at the farm she enjoys the most? "I love seeing the smiles people have when I give them their cake!"

Would you like our farm bakery to make you a cake for a graduation, birthday, anniversary, baby or bridal shower, or another gathering? Just let us know by contacting us, calling us at 603-279-3915, or chatting with us when you are next at our farm market.


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