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Kyle's field update: Late summer in our fields

It’s been an amazing growing season, with many of our staple crops really performing well despite a very warm and dry summer.

Using our two irrigation ponds, we delivered water to several crops with drip tape and some overhead irrigation. John was in charge of an acre of small sprinkler heads that delivered a small but frequent amount of water to our baby greens beds, so we had perfect germination and growth even without a single rain shower that week.

Our tomato crop is at its peak. The tomatoes are practically falling into our hands as we pick them due to frequent and consistent moisture supplied to the root zone. These are just some of the vegetables we are now harvesting.

Although our corn didn’t receive much irrigation from us, it had excellent vigor, tip-fill, and flavor, even though it went through some very dry spells. The same goes for our pumpkins, which look wonderful and even have a decent size despite the dry summer!

With Labor Day weekend coming up, many of our summer helpers are going back to school. Our high school field crew was outstanding and helped us keep things planted, weeded, and harvested throughout the summer. I know Jeff was also impressed with the high school students working in our farm kitchen, farm bakery, and in our farm market. They put a lot of effort into making it a great season for us. We thank them and wish them well at school!

We are looking for people to join our farm team as we will be open through December 31, so if you know someone who is interested, please have them email us at or call 603-279-3915 and ask to speak with Jeff.


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