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Meet a member of our field crew: Morgan

Looking at the pictures we post on our website and our Facebook and Instagram accounts, you will see that some of our team members are quite young. This year, like many other years, we have several 14-year-olds earning their first paychecks.

That was Morgan six years ago. “I started with Jeff in the farm market and have kept coming back every summer because of the people and community here,” she remembers. “It’s like a family, and I really enjoy that.”

After several years with our farm market team, she joined our field crew and enjoys it immensely. “It’s very

satisfying to be able to see what you’ve accomplished. Early in the season, you can look back at the end of the day and see all the plants you’ve put into the ground. Later in the summer, if nature cooperates, you are harvesting food for someone to eat from those same plants.”

After several summers working in our fields, what is her favorite item to pick?

“Arugula and our salad greens. You cut them so it’s sort of like giving a haircut to a plant,” she says with a laugh.

What is her favorite item to eat from our fields? “I can’t choose just one! Our strawberries. Our cucumbers. But my favorite? Our tomatoes. Especially our cherry tomatoes! ”

Morgan will be with us for a few more weeks this summer before heading back to the University of New Hampshire to continue her studies in ceramics and agriculture.


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