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Kyle's Field Update: What's happening in our fields

Weather-wise, June was off the charts beautiful. It has been especially nice working outside tending to all of the crops while not worrying about cool, rainy, or damp weather patterns that are somewhat typical in June.

The rain we received earlier this week was most definitely needed, but considering the heat and drought-like conditions, our crops are looking pretty good. We were fortunate to drip irrigate many of them using our two irrigation ponds.

Some things are even thriving under these warm and dry conditions such as our melon crop. John said it's the best looking crop of melons he has seen before July 1st in a long time. Our first crop of bean plants also looks excellent.

Also, our current crop of snap peas we are harvesting is perfect with excellent sweetness and crunch. Oh, I forgot to mention the corn is getting closer too!

We've been keeping up with planting and harvesting all of our spinach, lettuce, and other greens to keep providing you with freshly harvested greens regularly.

Keep up to date with what we are picking by visiting our now harvesting page.


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