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Kyle's farm update: Planting and picking has started

Winter has slowly transitioned into spring here on the farm. It wasn’t too many days ago we were looking out from our warm greenhouses onto freshly fallen snow.

With a few good days of warm and dry weather, we started planting and finishing up some spring chores around the farm. Last week we took the straw mulch off of our strawberries and were happy to see them already starting to grow. Our garlic is also poking up out of the ground, and due to that nice weather window, Wes was able to plant our first block of peas and corn.

Although these are our first signs of growth out in the fields, we have been busy growing fresh produce in our greenhouses since February. We have been harvesting excellent hydroponic lettuce mix and spinach for the past three weeks and have plenty more lettuce heads growing in size to keep us supplied until the field lettuce is ready!

Ben has been taking care of our hot house tomatoes and cucumbers which have tripled in size in just a few short weeks. We are now harvesting snacking cucumbers, and they are really good. How do I know that? My first grade daughter likes to snack on them right off the vine!

Veggies aren’t the only thing growing in our greenhouses either. The farm crew has been working non-stop in our garden center, planting flowers and seeding veggies for all your home gardens! The annuals are definitely bulking up in size and looking good.

For those of you who like to grow your own vegetables, we have seed potatoes, onion sets, asparagus crowns, garlic bulbs, and many organic vegetable seeds for you. Our early peas seedlings are ready for your garden, and spinach, chard, and other cool season seedlings will soon be ready for you as well.

Besides the activity in our fields and garden center, our farm kitchen and farm bakery team has been planning for our open house this Saturday, April 22, from 11 am to 3 pm. Be sure to stop in to sample some of the many foods they prepare and visit with some of the small businesses we partner with.


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