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Kyle's farm update: Planting and celebrating moms

Considering how cool and windy it was in April, our field conditions are relatively good. Even when we do receive rain, the wind has been quick to dry out the soil and make the fields workable in a relatively short time. This has allowed us to plant seeds in our fields during the last two weeks.

Wes has already planted over four acres of corn and a couple of acres of peas. With the seed in the ground and our soil warming agricultural fabric over the top, we are now waiting for a warming trend in the month of May!

With the temperatures getting slightly warmer, we have also begun transplanting some other vegetable crops including field lettuce, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and leeks. These cool growing crops tolerate low temperatures better than other crops. They are also great early season options for getting your garden started.

Our garden center team has moved many seedlings for these cool season crops outside to "harden" them off. They are now ready for your garden and we have them in six packs and 4.5 inch pots.

Our entire team is very excited about Mother's Day for several reasons. It kicks off "plant season" here at the farm, and we get to show off the fantastic looking plants we've been growing. Our greenhouses are bursting at the seams with hanging baskets, planters, and six-packs. We also have vegetable seedlings, seeds, fertilizers, soils, and other garden supplies for your gardening needs.

In our farm market, we're looking forward to helping people say "thank you" to the special women in their lives. We've got items that make nice gifts and gift baskets. Our farm kitchen and farm bakery team is enjoying cooking and baking the many items people have ordered from our pick-up catering menu.

We also are looking forward to celebrating moms on Saturday, May 7, and Sunday, May 8, with a free children's planting booth. Young ones can "pot up" a flowering plant to bring home to mom. I guess I know what I will be doing Sunday morning with my two little girls!

We look forward to welcoming you to our farm!


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