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Kyle's Farm Update: Corn news and more

This summer, I celebrated my 33rd birthday and my 12th year as the grower at Moulton Farm. John is still the real grower, having many more years of experience under his belt than I do. I have been absorbing as much as possible from him and the large group of experienced farmers in New Hampshire.

If there is one point that has taken a long time to sink into my mind, it’s that farmers can only “control” so much of what happens on the farm because we are truly at the mercy of the weather. No matter how well we manage the crops, most of the yields are determined by the weather.

During my 12 years of growing at the farm, this has been one of the better years in terms of weather. (Keep your fingers crossed and knock on wood!) John will have my head for writing this because we know better than anyone that things can turn south overnight!

That being said, our sweet corn has loved the growing year thus far and has excellent flavor and vigor! We just started harvesting our later varieties of corn that germinate only during favorable weather conditions and produce extra tender and sweet ears. We call these varieties “super sweets” and they definitely live up to their title.

We even have a silver queen variety that should be coming along in a matter of days. This will only last a short period of time, so be sure keep an eye on our "Now Harvesting" page for when it is ready.

Our other crops are looking good too, including our peppers, eggplants, and tomatoes. Our fall storage crops are coming in nicely, especially our potatoes, beets, and carrots. We anticipate picking these crops fresh for you the rest of the summer as well as storing some well into the fall and early winter as our farm market is open through December. Even the winter squash and sweet potatoes appear to be vigorous and well established. Hopefully, we finish out the summer with more excellent weather and carry that trend late into the fall!

Come to our farm market and enjoy all that we're growing for you!


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