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Kyle & Jeff's Update: What's happening at the farm

The start of our growing season has been excellent and the crops are looking fantastic. We’re picking our greenhouse tomatoes, bell peppers, and lettuce making it seem like we are already mid-summer!

The cool weather which started the season has finally transitioned into a dry and warm trend that has made spring work more manageable! With the dry conditions, we have been able to keep on schedule with our planting plan by sowing plenty of corn, beans, and peas. The field peppers and tomatoes are planted and growing very nicely — even after a couple of close calls with the temperature dropping into the lower 30’s!

Usually, we are working around wet spots and mucky conditions throughout the spring season; however, this year we have been busy moving water out of our irrigation ponds and onto the crops. By using overhead and drip irrigation we can transplant and seed as needed and still have good germination and transplant survival.

We have also been giving a little extra attention and water to our strawberry fields. With the early varieties beginning to ripen, it appears as though we are looking at a good crop of June strawberries. With three acres of strawberries ready for harvest soon and one acre of strawberries needing planting for next year’s harvest, we will soon have berry fever!

Vegetable plants, annuals, herbs, and perennials have been selling at a frantic pace in our garden center. While we are out of a few different things, we are continuing to get more plants each week. Our garden center currently has over eight varieties of our hardy hydrangeas, a wide array of fruit trees, including a new one we’re very excited about: Hat Trick. These trees have three different varieties grafted onto one rootstock, allowing Zestar, Sweet Sixteen, and Honey Crisp to grow on one tree with no pollinator needed.

Our farm kitchen and bakery team have also been busy making a wide range of foods for you including some special takeout meals in addition to all the items we have in our expanded farm market.

It’s been a different spring so far, but one thing hasn’t changed: We’re still dedicated you providing you with great food to enjoy!


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