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Jeff's Farm Update: What can I say?

This is the time of year to be thankful for what we all have, and at the farm, it is no different. We have an incredible team whose talent, hard work and dedication made this year run as smoothly as possible under the challenging conditions.

Walking around the farm, you see evidence of that exceptional talent. Mikayla and Sophie crafted some elegant and full wreaths this holiday season. Susan has spent countless hours caring for poinsettias, decorating wreaths, swags, and kissing balls that have won praise from so many of our customers.

When you enter our farm market, the festive feel takes the chill away from the cold outside temperatures. Libby and Lily have created that feel with the wonderful displays of gift ideas and seasonal produce. Jennifer has brought in some terrific local products that are perfect for gift giving. She developed partnerships with these local vendors that we will enjoy for years to come.

The entire farm market team has worked steadily during this challenging time, and they deserve a huge pat on the back for their efforts. They have taken on so many extra tasks to help keep themselves and our customers healthy and happy.

Everyone knows Santa loves his cookies, and so does our farm bakery team. (I also have been known to indulge!) Our bakery area is full of amazing holiday cookies. You'll find ones flavored with eggnog, peppermint delights, coconut macaroons, chocolate crinkles, and many others in our cookie baskets. These make great gifts for neighbors, employees, friends and family. Craftily decorated gingerbread and sugar cookies showcase the talents of our farm bakery team of Jo, Karyn, Patte, Ann, Elli and Emma.

Our farm kitchen team of Jonathan, Kate, Kali, and Alan continue to make quality meals, salads, soups and sandwiches. What they make has been very popular, and keeping up with demand required a genuine team effort. They are continuing their diligent efforts as they cook for your holiday orders and for people are stocking up for the months we will be closed.

Thanks are also due to our entire field crew for all their work tending to our crops in the fields and greenhouses. Kyle, Ben, Wes, Mikayla, Sophie, Logan, Mark and crew kept the market full with a diverse and bountiful harvest this season. They are amazing in all that they do despite what Mother Nature throws at them. Thanks also to our farm share artist, Heather. She makes up our summer and fall farm share baskets that so many of you have praised for their appearance and quality.

Thank you again to the entire Moulton Farm team. You are appreciated more than you know!!!



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