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Jeff's Farm Update: Now coming in from our fields...

If you have driven by the farm lately, you may have noticed it is beginning to look like summer around here as our fields fill up. Our corn under the growing cloth is now over two and a half feet tall. (The old saying doesn’t stand a chance with John and our determined field crew!)

Our tomato, pepper, and eggplant seedlings have been planted and are doing well. If you haven't planted yours yet, or they aren’t doing well because of the weather or critters, we still have a great selection of tomato and vegetable starts in our garden center. You’ll even find heirloom varieties and some unusual ones.

Harvesting has started in our fields! Currently, we are picking quite a few things, including shell peas, snap peas, asparagus, our salad mix, and several types of head lettuce. To see our list, be sure to visit our “now harvesting” page.

In addition to picking vegetables from our fields, we are continuing to pick tomatoes from our greenhouse. From our season extending growing tunnels, we have started harvesting English and snacking cucumbers.

Even more exciting news is that our strawberries are showing some flashes of red!!! We expect to start harvesting them for you within 7-10 days. There is nothing better than fresh strawberries, pound cake or biscuits from our farm bakery, and whipped cream after a long day! Until ours are ready, we have native New Hampshire strawberries from our partner farms.

Come get a taste of what early summer has to offer!


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