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High quality fruits and vegetables are waiting for you in our farm market

Although it is still too soon for us to be harvesting much of anything, you’ll still find high quality fruits and vegetables in our farm market. People have asked us how we are able to have such quality items at this time of year.

We’ve teamed up with a family run produce company, Shapiro’s Produce, that’s dedicated to helping us provide you with the items we can’t get from our farm or the local farms we partner with. Just as Sal heads down to Boston to select the best seafood for you, we drive down to Boston too.

Our team at the farm communicates on a regular basis with Shapiro’s team. They know the quality we want for you, and their buyers head to the New England Produce Market to find it. If they can’t find something that meets our high standards and their high standards, it won’t be waiting for us when we arrive with our truck.

We can’t wait to have our own produce for you or bring you produce from farms we partner with, but nature has its own schedule. Until then, know that we’ve still got high quality produce waiting for you.


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