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Growing with the sun

The next time you are at the farm, look at the roof of the building behind our farm market. You may notice a new new addition: solar panels. We added the 44 panels during the winter. They will generate over 17,000kWH of clean, renewable electricity each year.

This project was inspired by a long-time friend of the farm, Carl McNall of Sandwich. Carl, who passed in 2020, was passionate about promoting solar energy because he wanted to leave his grandchildren a healthier planet. He was a long-time member of the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative (PAREI), and we were honored when his family reached out to us with an offer to help us bring solar to the farm.

The 44 panels generate an abundant and consistent power source and decrease the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere by using fossil fuels to generate power. It will also reduce our energy cost by over $3,200 each year.

Later this year, a kiosk will be installed beside our farm market as a way to honor Carl and continue his mission of spreading the word about how solar power can help power our homes and businesses and give the next generation a healthier world.

The project was made possible thanks to technical assistance from NH Rural Renewables and the Plymouth Area Renewable Energy Initiative and funding from Moulton Farm, the State of New Hampshire Commercial Solar Rebate Program, and the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Energy for America Program. Frase Electric of Tamworth installed the system.


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