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Get your "stock up" orders in!

Since our farm kitchen, farm bakery, and Sal's Fresh Seafood will be closed from January 1 until February 15, it's time to place your orders with us so you can stock your freezer.

Container of turkey soup from Moulton Farm's farm kitchen in front of a display of salad greens grown at the farm

Call us or visit our farm market to place your orders. We've put together a handy list of our soups, stews, meat pies, and pot pies that can be ordered. Click here to see it. Due to the demand for seafood at this time of year, Sal, Jancie, and Crystal urge you to place your orders as soon as possible, even if you won't pick up your order until the end of December. We will close for Christmas at 3 pm on December 24 and re-open at 8 am on December 26. We close for our winter break at 3 pm on December 31. We'll re-open for our 2024 season on February 15.


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