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Kyle's Farm Update: What's happened in our garden center?

Every year, I am surprised by how quickly our greenhouses transform from empty shells into living, growing, and thriving environments. It seems that in only weeks, they go from empty to bursting at the seams with plants.

In fact, it's been nearly five months since we planted our first seeds. Now, our seedlings have grown, so we have full-sized tomatoes, fresh salad greens, and a wide variety of annuals and vegetable plants ready for you to take home. 

Our field crew and garden center team have worked extremely hard to utilize every inch of our greenhouse space to grow and care for the plants so you can enjoy fresh vegetables with your meals and blooming flowers and shrubs around your yard. We're proud of what we've grown over the last couple of months, and we are excited to help you pick out plants to enjoy this summer.

At our garden center, you will find new varieties of plants as well as "old favorites." Some highlights of what you will find include:

  • A superb selection of peppers, tomatoes (including heirloom varieties), and other veggie seedlings for your garden

  • Beautiful hanging baskets and patio planters in full bloom (My mom expects one every year!)

  • Many annual flowers and foliage plants for your planters, window boxes, and container gardens

  • A wide selection of perennials and flowering shrubs for years of color

  •  A new area in our garden center, created by Sue and Kelly, to feature "native" plants

  • 20 different types of herbs for your culinary needs

  • Fruit trees and berry bushes so you can grow your own apples, berries, plums, pears, peaches, and cherries

  • A full range of soils, garden amendments, and supplies for a healthy and productive garden

  • Raised garden bed kits as well as new elevated garden beds that enable gardening without bending over

Mother's Day always seems to mark a turning point in the growing season when it's time to plant our fields and at home. We look forward to seeing you in our garden center and helping you find the perfect plants for Mom as well as your home and gardens!


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