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Five perennials for early season color for your garden

Are you looking for easy care perennials that will add color to your garden after the daffodils bloom and before your garden really moves into the abundance of color that comes later in the season?

We have several options in our garden center that are good choices for our lakes region climate:

"Golden Spring" Alyssum Some gardeners call this plant by other names, but it is beautiful regardless of what name you use. The grey-green foliage and bright yellow flowers provide a bright pop of color in your garden that attracts butterflies. It is also said to be deer resistant and cold tolerant.

Creeping Phlox

This classic ground cover gives you a carpet of early season blooms, and we have it in several colors. It works well in a variety of locations including rock gardens.

Rock Cress Arabis

With small flowers consisting of four white petals with a pop of yellow in the center, this perennial works well in a variety of locations and looks exceptionally good in the front of a bed, in a rock garden, or growing around stone walls. Butterflies are attracted to the flowers, and it is said to be deer resistant.


This classic perennial can bring a welcome touch of blue to your garden. Like many of the options we're listing here, butterflies love it, and it is suitable for rock gardens.

Heuchera (Coral Bells)

Heuchera does bloom, but that's not why it made our list of recommended plants to bring early season color to your garden. It's the foliage that makes this a great addition to your garden. Choose a single color or use several colors to provide a pop of color in your garden all season long.

Are you looking for other annuals, perennials, vegetable plants, herbs, fruit trees, and shrubs?

Come visit our garden center. Our knowledgeable staff loves to answer gardening questions and help you find the right plant for your garden, yard, deck, or patio.

You will find a wide range of annuals and herbs in the spring and early summer. We also grow vegetable plants for your garden and our fields using only non-GMO seeds. We grow heirloom and newer varieties selected for their ability to produce great-tasting food under our sometimes challenging weather conditions.

The perennials, fruit trees, and flowering shrubs in our garden center are varieties we often use in our own gardens and are well suited for the Lakes Region. We have plants that work in shade, part shade, and full sun conditions.

We also carry a variety of soil amendments and supplies to help you have healthy and productive plants.

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