From our fields to your table, here are recipes to help you enjoy what we grow for you:


Recipes for good things to enjoy before a meal or serve several of them together and make that the meal! more >


A good meal is so much better with a good ending! more >


Fruit by itself is wonderful, but with some extra ingredients, it can be spectacular! more >

Freezer Friendly

Cook once, enjoy it several times... more >


Looking to change up your salads?  You'll find some great ideas here! more >


Combine what we grow at the farm and the incredible seafood from the Sal's Fresh Seafood counter at the farm for spectacular meals. more >


Soup as a starter or soup as a meal... you'll find recipes here that made good use of what we grow more >


Looking for recipes free of meat, chicken or fish?  We've got them for you! more >


What would summer be without basil?!! more >


Find recipes to use with the beans we grow or recipes that use other types of beans with the items we grow at the farm more >


For over 2,000 years beets and greens have been eaten and enjoyed in so many ways more >


Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries: good by themselves or combined with items from our fields and bakery more >


Another classic vegetable that is so versatile more >


Cooked, raw, pickled...oh the flavors that you'll enjoy with our carrots more >


With fresh eggplant, people often think of baba ghanoush or ratatouille, but there are so many other options to consider…

more >

Greens (Kale, Lettuce, Spinach, etc...)

With many of these recipes, you can substitute one green for another... more >

Herbs and Garlic

Find new ways to enjoy the fresh herbs and garlic we grow... more >


With a subtle onion flavor, leeks can be enjoyed so many ways... more >


A sometimes overlooked, but oh so important ingredient... more >

Peas and Sugar Snap Peas

A good recipe makes our fresh peas even better! more >

Peppers (Sweet & Hot)

We grow peppers in many colors and levels of sweetness and heat.  Here are some ways to enjoy them that you may not have thought of... more >


Such a simple vegetable, but oh so many ways to enjoy them! more >


In addition to the recipes in this section, be sure to look at the recipes in our kale section and our beet green section as these ingredients can often be substituted for each other. more >

Sweet Potato

Sure you could roast them, but there are so many other ways to enjoy them! more >


So many ways to enjoy the cherry tomatoes, "slicers", and heirloom tomatoes we grow in our fields... more >

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