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Jeff's farm update: A visual feast is waiting for you

Gardening season is finally underway! A walk around our garden center is a visual feast of amazing colors. Everything is just starting to bloom, and the "wow factor" gets you when you first walk in. But that's not all that you will find as you walk around.

Besides flowers, you will find many other plants including vegetable plants we have grown for your garden and our fields. All the vegetable varieties we grow in our fields are for sale in our garden center. These tried and tested varieties have provided us with good growth and great yields in our fields. If you enjoy tomatoes, we have more than 20 varieties of tomato seedlings waiting for you including many heirloom varieties.

Since vegetables often taste better with seasonings, you will also find a wide selection of herb plants.

If you don't have a garden but would like to grow something, we have several options for you:

  • Get a patio tomato planter from us. It's already in a pot with a tomato cage in place. Many of them have blossoms already.

  • Consider getting an easy to assemble raised bed kit from us. You can purchase just the frame or choose our package deal that includes soils and fertilizers to help your plants grow well. It's a great no-dig option that is an instant garden.

  • Have us plant up a container garden or window box for you. We can use your container, or you can ask us to use some of the ones we have in stock. We make up floral, herbal, and vegetable container gardens. Talk with us about what you would like. We do the work, and you get a beautiful container or planter garden for your home, office, or a loved one's grave.

Our selection of perennials, shrubs, fruit trees, and ornamental trees continues to grow.

Sue Dail wanted me to let you know about the 12 varieties of hydrangeas we currently have in stock. We have some traditional species and varieties and some different species like oakleaf. Oakleaf is technically a zone 5, so they aren't for everyone, but their deeply lobed oak-like foliage makes them interesting even when they are not blooming. They grow 4-8 feet tall and wide with a compact rounded habit and have cone-shaped flower clusters.

One thing to keep in mind, UNH Cooperative Extension advises us that in New Hampshire, there is a frost threat until the end of May. The extended forecast looks promising, but Mother Nature is known to have some tricks up her sleeve, so keep an eye on that forecast.

Come into our garden center and get growing!


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