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4 tips for creating beautiful and interesting window boxes

One of the things people often comment on when they visit our garden center in the spring and summer is the great looking window boxes, hanging baskets, and container gardens we plant and sell in our garden center.

Sue Dail, a key member of our garden center team, has planted thousands of containers and baskets for our customers over the years, and she has some tips on how to create your own great looking combinations.

1) Consider the size of your container. The size of your container and the types of plants you are using make a difference. “Most plants will grow 3 to 4 times larger by the end of the season, so leaving some room for growth is important,” says Sue. Sue recommends using 5 to 7 plants in a 24” window box, depending on the varieties you select.

2) Variations on a theme: Play with a single variety or color. “Great looking planters can be created using a single variety of plants, such as petunias, in one or more colors,” says Sue. “Or pick a color and create visual interest by mixing plants with the same color blooms but different growing habits.” One of her favorite themes is mixing trailing plants and plants with some height. Sue recommends mixing Superbells® and Verbena.

3) Have fun with texture. Another variation is choosing plants that like the same conditions but have different foliage textures and colors. “Try combining bacopa, osteospermum, and coleus,” says Sue. “Or euphorbia and phlox.”

4) Think beyond looking pretty - eat it! Your planter can look good as well as taste good if you choose plants you can eat. “Create a kitchen garden container by combining herbs such as chives, thyme, and basil. You might even add edible flowers,” suggests Sue. “Or give new meaning to the phrase “salad bowl” by planting up different varieties of lettuce in a round container.” Pinch the leaves to create a salad, then watch a new salad grow!

In the spring and summer, visit our garden center and choose from the thousands of plants we have been growing for you, as well as Coast of Maine’s soils, plant foods, and gardening amendments.

We also create custom planters and window boxes filled with plants that suit your needs. Just call us, and we will make something beautiful for you.

Access more gardening tips on our garden center page and sign up to receive new tips via email.

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