Corn Maze

Welcome to the Moulton Farm Corn Maze!

Corn Maze Will Open Sept. 13, 2013

Moulton Farms' Corn Maze for 2012

The 2013 Corn Maze year has a new design (photo coming soon!) designed by Moulton Farm’s maze mastermind, Wesley Thomas.


Adults $6.00 – includes access to the maze, maze trivia game, and a treat after completing the trivia game.

Children (6 and under) $4.00 – includes access to the maze, maze trivia game, and a treat after completing the trivia game.


The History of our Corn Maze started back in 2000 with a small piece of land (currently our cut flower garden) across the street from our farm stand. Thinking of fun and unique ways to offer our fall customers an experience they would not forget, Moulton Farm Manager Rob Stephens came up with the corn maze idea and brought it to reality on this ¾ acre piece of land.

Over the course of the years to follow, Moulton Farm paved the way as one of the first businesses in the state to offer such forms of what is now commonly know as Agri-Tourism. The designs have grown more complex over the past few years, and in 2005 a new group of farm hands assumed the responsibility of designing and building today’s mazes.

Our modern mazes are created on a much larger scale with more complex designs and pathways to navigate through. We invite and challenge you to find your way through the twists and turns of this year’s maze!      

Corn Maze - Construction Timeline

We are very proud of our corn maze here at Moulton Farm. A lot of time and effort is put into it for the enjoyment of everyone who visits the farm. Here are some answers to the many questions we get about the corn maze.

  • The corn maze is planted around mid-June every year (depending on the weather). It takes about 6 hours to plant.
  • The field is planted in both directions to create a grid.
  • An outline of the field is drawn on graph paper (20 pieces taped together). Each line on the graph paper represents 1 row of corn.
  • The maze is then designed by hand inside the field outline on the graph paper. This process alone takes 1 – 2 days.
  • When the corn is between 8 – 12 inches tall, the paths are cut out using a trimmer and following the giant graph paper map very carefully (it’s a lot of counting). Cutting the paths takes 2 – 3 people about 2 days to complete.
  • After the paths are cut, a small tractor and rotary tiller are sent through the maze to make sure the paths have no corn in them. This takes a full day to complete.
  • The paths are then compacted and the rocks are removed in order to make the terrain as safe as possible for its travelers.
  • As the corn grows, we strip the leaves off the stalks that line the paths to make it easier to see and safer to travel.
  • The corn in the maze can grow up to 15 feet tall.
  • We do not harvest any of the corn in the maze. We use a feed corn (cow corn), which is edible but not very tasty.

We hope that you enjoyed learning a little more about how the Moulton Farm corn maze is created. Have fun and good luck!

  • Moulton Farm corn maze path
  • Moulton Farm corn maze kids
  • Moulton Farm corn maze close-up aerial view
  • Moulton Farm corn maze distant aerial view