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Welcome signs of spring at the farm

Is it just me, or do the winters seem to be getting longer every year? Spring will always follow winter, but it sure seems to be taking its time this year!

There are some sure signs of Spring: We are open for our 2022 season!!! Libby, Lily, Lisa, Jenn, Josh, and Collin have been hard at work in our farm market with painting, cleaning, unpacking, and getting everything ready for our opening last week.

Our farm kitchen team of Jonathan, Kali, and Kate have been busy making soups and the prepared meals so many of you have missed. They're also working on some new items for this year, including our new mushroom and barley soup. Besides picking up soup from our coolers and freezers, you can once again get hot soup in our farm market. It certainly makes lunch easy on a chilly spring day!

Walking into our farm market each morning, you can tell by the aroma wafting through the air that Emma, Ann, Patte, Karyn, and Jo are pulling delicious goodies from the ovens in our farm bakery.

Our field crew and garden center teams have also been busy. Kyle, Ben, and Sophie have all of our greenhouses ready. Tomatoes that they seeded in February are now 10 inches tall in the warm greenhouse. Sue, Mikala, and Linda have been sowing lots of seeds, adjusting planting plans, printing plant tags, and making sure everything is right on schedule. Wes is finishing the maintenance on our equipment and eagerly anticipating the day when nature lets us back into our fields.

Another very welcome sign of spring is that we've begun picking our salad mix again! We've been checking our hydroponic house each day, and Linda got to pick the first batch this year.

We're pleased to say that we have some events planned for this year. We kick it off with a gardening workshop hosted by John on April 23. His workshops are always popular, and it's another sign that spring is here. We'll be sharing details on this and our other events soon.

There is excitement, laughter, a few changes, and many smiles waiting for you at the farm. We're open 7 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm and hope to see all of you very soon!


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