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Kyle's field update: Strawberries and more!

Weather wise, this June had its ups and downs in temperature. It has been especially nice working outside tending to all of our crops while not worrying about rainy, or damp weather patterns which are somewhat typical in June.

Our strawberry and pea plants look great and set a lot of fruit. Since we have been able to irrigate our strawberry beds, we are hoping they will hold on strong for another week.

The current crop of peas we are harvesting is perfect with excellent sweetness and size. Our first batch of bean plants looks excellent, In addition to harvesting our spinach, lettuce, salad mix, and other greens, we have been keeping up planting more of them so we can keep providing you with fresh greens from our fields.

Picking our salad mix, snacking and English style cucumbers, and our greenhouse tomatoes sure made that fresh salad we had with dinner the other night taste wonderful. John has said that the cucumbers have been some of the best flavored ones we've ever grown. Considering how many cucumbers he's grown and tasted over the years, that's saying something about how good these are!

Stop into our farm market and pick up some excellent early summer food for your meals!


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