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Exploring how food grows with our "Little Sprouts Veggie Hunts"

Have fun with your children or grandchildren this summer, connect them with the outdoors and the environment, and encourage healthier eating habits by adding at least one of our guided "Little Sprouts Veggie Hunts" to your plans.

Children ages 5 to 9, accompanied by a parent or grandparent, explore what's happening at the farm that week, learn how vegetables grow, and then get a hands-on experience picking some of the food discussed during that day's adventure to bring home. Derek Collins, a Moulton Farm team member with degrees in education, will guide the explorations during each session.

"The children are curious, and I get all sorts of questions," says Derek. With a bachelor's degree in elementary education and a master's degree in education, plus more than 20 years working at the farm, Derek is well prepared to answer those questions.

Derek Collins, the guide for Little Sprouts Veggie Hunts, standing with one of the big green tractor at the farm
Derek Collins will guide Little Sprouts Veggie Hunt sessions at the farm this year.

"We talk about how different plants grow, pollinators, the seasons, and weather. Every session is different because what's happening at the farm changes so quickly during the season," explains Derek.

"Early in the season, our explorations might include our high tunnels. In another session, we may talk about rain and our irrigation pond. The food we're talking about changes, but the enthusiasm is consistent even from kids who have attended sessions before."

"What's the thing I enjoy the most about guiding the kids and the adults who come with them? Do I have to limit it to one thing?" Derek says with a laugh.

"Helping kids and adults get into our fields and make the connection between nature, food, and the critical role local agriculture plays in our food system is certainly part of it. Another reason is seeing the enjoyment on the kids' faces as they dig for potatoes or hunt for beans or whatever we're picking that day. Sparking and nurturing curiosity about nature and how food grows? That's definitely on the list!"

We are offering eight Little Sprouts Vegetable Hunts this summer. Each veggie hunt costs $15 per child, or a season ticket can be purchased for $100 that covers all eight sessions and includes a free t-shirt. There is no cost for parents or grandparents accompanying children. For the dates of the Little Sprouts Veggie Hunts and to buy tickets, click here.


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