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What inspired our 2022 corn maze?

"It's hard to believe that for 20 years, people have been coming to our farm to get lost," says Wes Thomas. Wes has been working at the farm since high school and designing the maze since 2007.

"For our 20th maze, many ideas ran through my head. I also put more pressure than normal on myself because I wanted it to be something special," Wes admits.

"In the end, the design came down to something that has real meaning for many of us at the farm. Of course, it's a tractor, but not just any tractor,” Wes says with a grin. “It's not one of the ones we spend hundreds of hours in during the year. It’s the 1946 Ford 2N tractor that John Moulton's father used when he was running this farm."

The idea had instant approval from John. "I remember my dad using that tractor, and I remember driving it when I was…well, let's just say I was way too young to qualify for a driver's license," he says with a chuckle. "He bought it at Pynn's Garage in Meredith for $750."

"I've still got that tractor, and it still runs. We don't use it on the farm today because although it's a fine machine, it doesn't have the safety features that are now required. It's also got a hard metal seat. I know from personal experience that Wes and his team would it find mighty uncomfortable during some of the days we put in,"

Fans of antique tractors will appreciate some of the trivia that Wes and John incorporated into the trivia game that is part of our 2022 corn maze.

Our corn maze design also incorporates corn and pumpkins to make the maze more than a little disorientating. "I wanted it to be challenging. It's going to get you mixed up and turned around. Come here and get lost!" Wes states with a laugh. "The corn is really tall this year, so don't hope to see the trees or buildings to help you."

Our corn maze will be open 7 days a week through October 23, starting at 8:30 am. The last admission to the maze is one hour before we close. Admission costs $10 per person with a special $6 rate for each child between 6 years and 3 years of age. Children under 3 years old are free.

In addition to our corn maze and pumpkin hunting, either from our "pick your own" pumpkin patch or from among the pre-picked pumpkins we grew in our fields, there are other reasons to visit. Wagon rides, pulled by either a tractor or a team of horses depending on the day, are offered on most weekends and are free. Live music is also happening on select Saturdays and Sundays. For dates and times, visit our events page. Fall displays and games make for good pictures, and the farm's garden center is filled with items to use for decorating. Classic fall foods are available from the Cider Bellies Doughnut stand and our farm kitchen and farm bakery, including whoopie pies Yankee Magazine called "the best in New England."


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