Keep your window boxes happy by doing this one simple thing

“All plants need food just like we do. It is especially important to remember this for plants growing in containers," says Sue Dail, who has planted and cared for thousands of window boxes, hanging baskets and containers over the years in our garden center. “If they don’t eat, they’re not going to survive and thrive.” 

“If you have limited time or are apt to forget when you last fed your plants, use a slow release fertilizer that feeds plants for up to 4 to 6 months,” Sue recommends. “If you have the time, a water-soluble fertilizer is good as the feeding schedule can be adapted to the specific needs of the plants.”

Regardless of whether you chose a slow release or water-soluble plant food, in our garden center we have several options including ones that can be used in organic gardens such as Coast of Maine’s plant foods and the food created especially for Proven Winner® plants. You will also find a wide range of annuals, perennials, vegetable plants and herbs.

We also create custom planters and window boxes filled with plants that suit your needs. Just call us and we will make something beautiful for you.

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