Jeff's Farm Update: It's a busy month at the farm

The arrival of November means many different things need to get done on the farm:

Our fields are now being put to bed for the season. This means cleaning up, taking soil samples, and adding amendments such as lime to prepare our soil for next year. A good growing season starts the year before with good preparation of the soil.

We are getting ready for the upcoming holidays. Our farm kitchen team set the goal to make 300 meat pies in November. You can bet that Jonathan, Kali and Kate will be sick of rolling and shaping pie dough by December 1!

In addition to making meat pies, our farm kitchen and bakery team will be busy cooking and baking for Thanksgiving. For the next couple of Fridays and Saturdays, from 11 am to 2 pm, stop by the farm and sample some of the Thanksgiving side dishes we can make for you and experience how good Misty Knoll’s fresh turkeys are. Besides creating a wonderful aroma in our market, it allows you to sample what you can order from us.

Other members of the farm team will be headed to Bethlehem to the Rocks Christmas Tree Farm to collect truckloads of brush we use to create our farm made Christmas wreaths. This process helps the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests by providing labor to remove trees that do not meet the grade for this upcoming season.

We then make another trip up to The Rocks to load up and haul back the freshly cut Christmas trees we have for you. This is a great partnership that we have created over the past few years. It enables us to offer you New Hampshire grown Christmas trees that are cut as close to the season as possible and it benefits the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.

Lastly, the many poinsettias growing in our holiday greenhouse are starting to show hints of white, red, and burgundy. Within the next couple of weeks, the transformation will be complete and they’ll be ready for your home and office.

The holidays are sure coming quickly, but no worries as we’re here to help you have a delicious and beautiful season!

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