Kyle's Farm Update: Fall harvesting

We started the fall season with a beautiful stretch of weather which has allowed us to keep harvesting some of our favorite summer crops. We are still picking some really nice sweet corn and have a small block of great tomatoes left in the field. However, our supply won’t last long as the cool fall nights are taking their toll on the tomato field.

As the days grow shorter and the nights colder it is inevitable that we transition into fall harvesting mode. We have been busy picking all of the wonderful fall decorations that we grow.

Bushels of gourds and munchkins and piles of white pumpkins cover our yard and garden center. Warty goblins and knuckleheads are mixed in among the mums. Traditional Jack O’lanterns take up any free space that we have. Our pie pumpkins are overflowing in our harvest bins. Round that off with some festive looking cornstalk bundles and ornamental flowers and you have one decorative shopping experience!

Along with harvesting all our decorative crops we also have a good crop of butternut and acorn squash. The sweet potatoes and regular potatoes are ready to be dug and put into storage. Hopefully, we can dry down some of our beautiful onions so we can offer those through the fall months. We have many other crops still being harvested fresh from our field, so check out our now harvesting page for a full list of what we have waiting for you at the farm.

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