Cruise Through Our Corn Maze

The lake was still frozen and the M/S Mount Washington was wintering in Center Harbor when our team started planning our annual corn maze.

A few ideas for this year’s theme were discussed, but then the idea of celebrating the Mount Washington came up. “Wes, our devious maze master who delights in getting people lost, was quiet for a minute or two and then got this big grin on his face,” remembers John. “You could almost see him picturing the possibilities of how he could use the ship’s features and the name into to get people completely turned around and disorientated in the maze.”

“When John asked me if I’d mind having the Mount Washington featured in the maze, I didn’t have to even think about it,” says Jim Morash, the captain, chief operating officer, and owner of the ship. “I absolutely said yes. Both the farm and the "Mount" have been key attractions in the lakes region for years. I've known John for a long time and really enjoy and respect what he and his team at the farm.  Over the years, our ship has been portrayed on many things, but I’m pretty sure this is the first time it has been the subject of a corn maze!”

Jim isn’t sure how he’ll do navigating through the maze. “I’ve been navigating on Lake Winnipesaukee for years, but getting through the farm’s maze? When all you can see is the sky and the corn towering over you? Oh, I’ll get lost for sure!” he says with a laugh.

Our corn maze opens for the season on Friday, September 20.  Click here to see a picture of our corn maze and for information on admission rates and when the maze is open.  You can also learn how we make the maze.  After you've gotten lost, or perhaps before, enjoy all the other fun things happening at the farm this fall! 

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