Kyle's Farm Update: What "back to school" time means at the farm

It's the end of August and we are in full harvest mode! It also means school and sports are starting back up and many of our summer workers are leaving.  We will miss them and wish them a good school year!

We also thank our entire team at the farm for another great summer.  Without their hard work energy, and enthusiasm we wouldn't be able to grow the variety of produce we offer, provide the range of goods we have in the farm market, or make the many items that come from our farm bakery and kitchen.    Being named the best farm and farm market in the lakes region is because of them and you!

Despite it being the end of August there are still many vegetables coming from our fields. This, and our reduced staff, means that John and I get to spend more time doing what we love: Picking tomatoes!  We have many different ones to pick: beefsteaks, brandywines, purples, oranges, saladettes, white ones, romas, and a rainbow of cherry tomatoes. With two acres of head high plants it's no wonder I lose track of John when we are out picking! But when 4 o'clock hits we always make our way back to the trucks so we can fill them with our vine ripe harvest.

Elsewhere in our fields Ben and Mack are busy picking everything else including our delicious super sweet corn. We are into some great picking just in time for the holiday weekend.  Visit our "Now Harvesting" page for a long list of the many items we will be busy picking the next few weeks.  Hope to see you soon!

P.S. My daughter and I walked by an orange pumpkin the other night...that season will soon be upon us!

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Now harvesting You'll find everything you need for great meals in our farm market. Click here to find out what's now available that we've grown at the farm!