Jeff's Update: What's our farm kitchen team been up to?

During the hot and steamy days of summer, who wants to spend their evening in the kitchen? I, for one, don’t want to go home and cook after running around all day in the hot sun. I am sure if my wife is reading this, she is rolling her eyes at the thought of me cooking! Jonathan, our farm chef, came up with a great solution. 
He began to make entire meals a few years ago to accommodate all of our customers’ requests. Jonathan would prepare a different meal each week, and customers would place orders for pick-ups from our farm kitchen. The popularity of this has grown so enormously that we decided to change the program to have these products available daily. With the addition of another farm chef, Kali, to our staff in 2017, the product line of these items has grown tenfold. 
Our meals are made fresh with as many of our ingredients from our fields as possible. They are now preparing seasonal meals such as “Grilled Corn and Kale Salads with Grilled Herb Chicken” and “Zucchini Chicken Enchiladas” featuring produce from the current harvest. Kali and Jonathan also enjoy cooking up everyday items such as chicken parmesan or vegetable lasagna. These healthy entrees are available both fresh and frozen to accommodate a wide range of customers here at our farm. 
If on these steamy days you are like me and don’t want to eat anything hot, we have a solution for you. Stop by the farm and pick up entrees like our “Morrocan Couscous Salads with Chicken” or “Quinoa Edamame Salads with Grilled Herb Shrimp” from the cooler in our farm market. It has been a great addition to the farm— though my wife has grown very tired of me raving about Jonathan and Kali’s cooking!!!!

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