Kyle's Update: When will we pick our first corn of the season?

It appears that strawberry season is slowing down.  We hope you had a chance to sample some of these beauties over the Fourth of July time frame as they were absolutely perfect!  With the heat that we have received over the last couple of weeks, our strawberries are ripening very quickly.  We will still be harvesting a couple of rows of our later varieties for a few more days, so come get the last taste of our berries until next year.

The heat is also helping our other crops “green” right up!  Our field tomatoes appear to be doubling in size daily and our peppers have taken hold as well.  Our greens appear to be in good supply and hopefully, we will be harvesting beets and potatoes soon too.  I’m still holding my breath to see if we have another good artichoke year!

As for the corn….well, the field crew has a little pool going on as to when the first harvest of corn will be.  With the date of “first corn harvest” being highly anticipated we figured we would put our bets down on paper and have a little fun with it.  Nothing major is in the pool, merely bragging rights as to who called the date.  So here it is:               

Kyle:  July 21st
Jeff: July 23rd
Mack: July 25th
Wes: July 26th
Ben: July 27th
John: July 28th

Hopefully, I come in strong with the early date!

So it will be a few more weeks before our corn is ready, but the good news is there are lots of other items we are picking including peas.  Visit our now harvesting page to see what else we have for you from our fields.

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