Kyle's Update: I finally got to say yes!

Since early spring my daughter has asked me a hundred times, “Dad, when can we go and pick strawberries?”  For the last two weeks, she and I have been scouting our fields for any sign of red color, and we are happy to share the good news.  Strawberry season is finally here!  The plants look healthy and the fruit set looks heavy, so we should be in for a good strawberry season.  

Some other crops we are now harvesting include our own Moulton’s Salad Mix as well as an abundance of other greens perfect for fresh salads.  Our baby arugula, kale, and mixed greens loved this spring weather and are waiting for your salad bowl.  We are also starting to see the first summer squash and cucumbers coming in from the field.  In a matter of no time our field crew will be very busy picking!

Although our sweet corn has a while yet to grow, it is looking pretty strong considering the cool, wet conditions we had this spring.  The floating row cover has helped trap a little extra heat and has been pushing the corn along.  It will not be the earliest harvest we have had, but it looks as though we should have a nice crop towards the end of July. 

Happy first days of summer and we look forward to seeing you!

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