Jeff & Kyle's Update: Good news from our fields and greenhouses!

Good news from the field: our corn is up and growing! We have been utilizing all the tools in our toolbox to help bump along the corn growth despite the cool weather of the past few weeks. Our first three plantings of corn are all germinated and being kept warm with the protection of our cloth row cover. Some of the corn is on raised beds to help keep it high and dry, and some of it is under clear plastic, which helps create a warming greenhouse effect. Regardless of how it is planted, we are excited to see it growing!

We are also excited to announce we are harvesting our own greenhouse tomatoes. Ben has been hard at work caring for the 460 plants by pruning, fertilizing, and pollinating them every week. Now the time has come for Ben to start harvesting them and see the fruits of his labor. Make sure to watch Ben’s short video for a more in-depth look at how he cares for these plants.

In our garden center, our greenhouses are bursting with color. With the nights warming, the planting season is about to kick into high gear. Right now, we have an excellent selection of herbs, vegetable starts, and bedding plants. Our perennials, shrubs, fruit and ornamental trees are now budding and coming out of dormancy, and our garden center is full of plants waiting for you. To help your plants get the nutrients they need, we have a full line of organic fertilizers and amendments. Our knowledgeable staff are always willing to answer any questions, so be sure to stop in and enjoy the sights and scents of spring blossoms!


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