Jeff's Farm Update: What's happened during the last few weeks?

Around the first week of February, there is an exciting event that occurs at the farm……...our first seeds are sown for 2019. John takes great pride in this, as it happens in a growth chamber we built in his house.

Those seeds are now four-inch tall tomato plants and have been transplanted in larger pots. Soon they will be finding their permanent home in the greenhouse where they will grow to over 10 feet tall. If all goes well, we’ll be harvesting them around Memorial Day.

We also used the past few weeks to plan out the schedule of events happening at the farm. Workshops, farm to table dinners and brunches, employee training days, festivals and events have all been reviewed.

Elsewhere on the farm, we are repairing and maintaining our equipment so everything is ready to roll when mother nature allows. What all seems so monumental at the start of the winter break, gets systematically completed when nature hasn’t let us work outside.

Starting March 7th, we will open our farm market for Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 8 am to 5 pm. The entire team has prepared the market, with new displays, fresh paint, and a thorough cleaning.

Trish and Kali have the farm kitchen and bakery ready with meat pies, soups, and meals to go already in production for that anticipated start date.

Sal is excited to start bringing his fresh seafood back from the Boston Fish Pier. I have heard whispers from Kyle that some greens will be harvested for when we open full time starting March 21st.

So stop on in and see us! It’s been a long winter, but with our opening is a sign of spring coming...eventually!


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