Jeff's Update: A feast for the senses

The Christmas season at the farm is a feast for the senses.  The aroma of fresh Christmas trees have taken over the yard. This year, we travelled to The Rocks and Glove Hollow Christmas Tree Farms to pick up our trees.  We partner with these farms because they are local and their high quality. Trees get cut right before we pick them up, which means they are the freshest possible for our customers.  We carry both Balsam and Fraser Fir with varying sizes from 2’ to 10’.

A few years ago, we started making wreaths onsite.  We wanted to make a quality product using local fresh cut greens.  We are fortunate to be able to get our cut greens from our partner tree farms. 

These days we are crafting wreaths, what seems to be around the clock, to keep up with the demand.  Mikala, our lead wreath craftsmen, loves to demonstrate her skill. Stop in and say hello, it is a fun process to watch, and takes some real teamwork.

Did you know, we grow our own poinsettias?  They have been growing in our holiday greenhouse since the end of September.  The poinsettias started turning colors a few weeks ago. Now with their color transformation complete, they are spectacular and vibrant. Remember they like to be warm, so let us wrap them up before you leave the greenhouse.

Happy Decorating!

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