Kyle's Farm Update: A vast array of colors and shapes

What a transformation the farm undergoes at this time of year! As you stand in front of the market and look into the yard, you notice a vast array of colors and shapes.

All different sizes of pumpkins line the yard and benches. The mums are in bloom and look amazing especially with the odd-shaped gourds and squashes mixed in around them. Cornstalk bundles line our packing house, and the multi-colored ornamental corn we grew hangs in our market.

The smell of fresh baked pumpkin bread and pies coming from our farm kitchen and bakery is so tempting and delicious! If you are trying to be “good”, try the varieties of New Hampshire apples we have including Liberty, Empire, Ginger Gold, Rambo, Honeycrisp, Macoun, Cortland, Macintosh, Fuji, Gala, and I’m sure we will have a few more varieties by the end of the apple harvest season.

Plus, don’t forget the full line of vegetables we are still harvesting − even summer favorites such as eggplant, peppers, and squash. If you are trying to offset eating one too many of our muffins or other baked goods, grab an extra bag of our freshly picked Moulton's Salad mix!

On another note, have you noticed the vibrant golden wildflower garden in the lower corner of our field? Read about why we have added a pollinator garden to our farm and how you could have one in your yard!

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