Did our pollinator garden catch your eye?

We've been getting questions about the vibrant yellow flowers that are blooming in the lower part of our field.  These flowers are one of 10 varieties of wildflowers in our pollinator garden. We believe the flower that is creating that bright yellow display is “Showy Tickseed Sunflower” (bidens aristosa).

So why have we turned part of our field into a pollinator garden? It’s part of our commitment to preserving and supporting bees and other pollinators as well as protecting our fertile soil and the local environment.

Pollinator gardens provide habitat for a variety of pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. They also serve as an infiltration area for stormwater and prevent soil erosion making the garden a valuable environmentally friendly addition to our farm. A similar garden could also be a beautiful and beneficial addition to your yard or property as well.

Once the wildflowers in the pollinator garden are established, they are low maintenance and beautiful additions to the landscape. Creating the gardens can be somewhat tricky but the University of New Hampshire, which we frequently work with, has many great resources to help you navigate the first few years of growing your pollinator garden. After this, they can be very low maintenance and often bloom throughout the year adding lovely color to your property and our farm.

There are many different options for what seeds to use based on where you locate your pollinator garden. For example, we utilized a seed mix which was specially created for wetter soils. Here are some links with helpful information on establishing your own pollinator garden:

Overview of Pollinator Gardens
Planting for Pollinators
Planting Wildflowers for Pollinator Habitat Webinar Recording



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