Kyle's Farm Update: We're shifting our focus to

As summer wanes we often ask ourselves, “Where did the time go?!”

Where are the early morning sunrises and the late afternoon haziness on the edges of a long workday? No longer are we seeing baby transplants in rows down the field. The anticipation for the first harvests of corn or tomatoes has also passed. Late summer peaches have been replaced by a wide range of apples in our farm market. Our summer help has returned to high school and college.

Such is life on a northern New England farm. As summer recedes into memory, we shift our focus to the approaching season…..fall!

Crisp, dewy mornings. Warm apple cider. Early sunsets. Pumpkins and all the colors of fall. In addition to continuing to harvest corn, tomatoes, and squash, we have begun harvesting our fall decorations.

Oh, the range of colors, shapes, and sizes coming from our fields and into our yard and garden center! You’ll find everything from the traditional jack-o-lantern pumpkins to our “warted” pumpkins, corn stalk bundles, gourds, giant pumpkins, munchkins, mini pumpkins, white pumpkins, ornamental corn, and winter squash. They are all coming in from our fields and transforming our farm market.

A full season of fun starts this weekend at the farm and continues through early November with fall activities and festivals! Beginning this Friday, September 21, we’ll welcome you to the farm and then ask you if you want to get lost… in our corn maze!

We are open seven days a week through the end of December, so come to have fun, get things to decorate with, and pick up great food from our fields and our farm kitchen and bakery!


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