A corn maze update

The same growing conditions that are responsible for our wonderful harvests this summer have also benefited our corn maze

Wes, our corn maze master, says he can't remember a year when the corn has been so tall this early.  Despite his 6'3'' height, the corn already towers over him.

When our 2018 corn maze opens for the season on September 21 the corn will be even taller and make the maze more challenging.

As to the design of this year's maze, Wes has sworn us to secrecy.  All we are allowed to say is that...no, Wes won't even allow us to give you a hint!  Let's just say it will be fun and disorientating so you can enjoy getting lost. 

Find out how we make the maze by clicking here.  Information about when our corn maze is open and pricing can be found by clicking here

By the way, our corn maze is just one of the fun things to do at the farm this fall. Be sure to visit our events page and come visit often! 


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