Kyle's Farm Update: Flavor and more...

A few weeks ago I was speaking with Jonathan Diola, one of our farm chefs, about the new and interesting varieties of produce we would showcase this month. He stopped me and asked, “Instead of showcasing new varieties, why don’t you to explain to our customers that the cultivars you and John select are for the best taste?”

I thought to myself, "He's right!" In the busy growing season, we put so much time and effort into planting and caring for the crops that we feel blessed just to get a good locally grown crop harvested. We often forget that in the winter we spent hours and hours choosing varieties of corn, tomatoes, lettuce and other items that have been selected as “standouts” for taste by plant breeders.

A great example of this is our corn. We are fast approaching the first harvest of our favorite varieties of mid-season super sweet corn. These varieties of corn, even though they are harder to grow and germinate in New England, have such superior flavor that we find the challenge of growing them (and the possibility of not getting a harvest) well worth the risk in choosing them over other varieties. The same goes for our tomatoes, greens, melons, and other food we grow for you.

Certain varieties and cultivars of plants also have different nutritional aspects to them. So to celebrate the nutritious and flavorful bounty we grow,  we are hosting “The Joy of Eating Well” between 11 am and 1 pm every Thursday in August.

Kali Whitehouse, one of our farm chefs, and registered dietitian Braelynne Morrow wanted to come up with new recipes and also educate people visiting the farm. “Eating fresh vegetables can provide some exceptional flavors and be so beneficial to your health,” said Kali and Braelynne. “We hope people will stop in, sample something new, and enjoy all the summer flavors while they are in season. There is a lot to choose from, so each week we focus on different vegetables and their amazing benefits to your body.” On August 9th and 30th, the Central New Hampshire VNA will also be at “The Joy of Eating Well” and offer free blood pressure checks.

Stop in and enjoy all the great tasting food coming from our fields!

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