Editors at New Hampshire Magazine selected us as the best farm market in New Hampshire!

In July it’s usually how well the crops are growing that puts a broad smile on John Moulton's face. This summer, however, it’s the news that the editors of New Hampshire Magazine have named Moulton Farm as the best farm market in the state.

“It is wonderful news, and I am thrilled that the work of the entire farm team is being recognized,” explains John. “Growing, cooking, serving and selling the quality food we offer takes the effort of many people. This recognition is a testament to their efforts and dedication.”

People who visit our market may only interact with a few of the people responsible for what the farm offers. “They may not see the young high school and college students who spend hours in our fields working, laughing and learning from more experienced field crew members,” comments John. “They may not realize the many hours our farm kitchen and bakery staff put into developing and perfecting recipes and planning our farm to table events or making items for the private events we provide food for.”

There are also other team members who are crucial to making our farm market a success. “Our garden center team works tremendously hard growing plants for our customers as well as starting the vegetable plants we grow in our fields. There’s a team of people who work to make sure our market remains stocked with good things from our farm as well as items from small, local producers who we have sought out and developed relationships with,” states John. “Plus there are people who take care of all of the administrative functions necessary to run a business.”

John is also quick to point out to anyone that brings the subject up that it’s a year-round effort to make all of this happen. “Our farm market is open from early March through the end of December, but even in January and February some of our team is already working to make sure our visitors enjoy quality food and have good experiences when they visit.”

“Yes, I am happy about the recognition of our efforts,” says John. “But it’s more than that. I am very thankful to have such amazing people willing to put forth such tremendous effort every time they come to work. Farming takes hard work, knowledge, skill and luck. Running a quality business takes an amazing team and I am fortunate to have that group.”

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